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Stage Layouts

An individual stage panel is 4'x8'. Stage heights from 1' to 5'.

We can build any size stage for your event.

Stage tops (tents) are also available for every stage size.

Stage Presence Tent and Stage Rentals in Charleston, SC

Possible Stage Sizes

What size do you need?

Stage Size Stage Top Size (Tent)
8x8 10x10
12x12 15x15
20x12, 20x16 20x20
20x12, 24x12, 28x12 30x15
24x16, 28x16, 24x20, 28x20 30x30
32x24, 36x24, 32x28, 36x28, 32x32, 36x32 40x35

Examples of Stage Configurations with Stage Tops (Tents)

Examples of Stage Configurations